How to Transfer File from One Computer to Another

Level of difficulty: Easy

Transfer files from one computer to another in a number of ways. Move document, music, video, or program files from one machine to another and protect or preserve data.

Materials Needed:
- Floppy disk
- CD or DVD and CD or DVD drive
- USB Flash Drive
- Internet Connection
- Crossover Cable
- Network Hub or Router
- Email Account
Step 1
Use floppy discs to move files. Insert blank disk. Simply click on the 'My Computer' icon and select the destination floppy drive. Drag files from the window into the open floppy drive window. Right click on a file and select the scroll down option 'Cut' or 'Copy'. On the destination window, right click and select 'Paste'. Remove the floppy disc from the drive, insert to the other computer, and follow the same procedure in obtaining the files.
Step 2
Use a Universal Serial Bus (USB) flash drive or a thumb drive to move files. Insert the USB flash drive into a USB port on the source computer. Wait for the computer to detect the USB drive. Open in a window the file to be transferred and another window for the USB drive. Repeat file 'copy or cut' procedures in Step 1. Make sure that files are completely transferred before removing the USB flash drive. Insert the USB into the second computer. Access files once the USB drive is detected.
Step 3
Use an electronic mail or email account to transfer files. File transfer between two computers using email is a good solution for computers not found within a room or location. Log on to an email account, create a new mail, and attach file/s to be transferred. In addition, send to an accessible email account or to itself. Open the email accounts on the receiving computer, download, and save the file/s.
Step 4
Use a wired or wireless network if the two computers exist within the network. On the source computer, create a folder (on the Desktop), right click on it and select 'Properties'. On the Properties window, select the 'Sharing' tab then choose the button 'Share this folder' and click 'Ok'.
Step 5
On the destination computer, right click the 'My Computer' icon. From the drop-down options, choose 'Map Network Drive'. Click on the 'Browse' button, find the source computer from the network, and select the folder. Press 'Ok' and then press the 'Finish' button. The folder will now appear on the destination computer. Any files dragged or copied from the source computer into the shared folder will now be accessible to the destination computer.
Step 6
Transfer files by burning a data CD or DVD disc. Open an optical disc authoring program and create a data disc. Put in the files to be transferred and follow CD or DVD burning directions. Wait for the burn process to finish, eject CD or DVD and access this on the destination computer’s drive. Copy files from the CD or DVD into the destination folder.