How to change windows xp key

Level of difficulty: Easy

You might want to change your windows XP key due to having a pirated version or a fake one. Sometimes you end up buying a pirated version without knowing it. It can be due to any reason. Changing the windows XP key is not time taking and very easily done if you follow the process with accuracy.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
First of all, download a Windows Product Key Update Tool from the internet. You can download any tool from the internet; it requires an online agreement so that you can take any information that is relevant to your computer. No redistributable versions are available and the user has to agree to this statement so that the download can be done. For downloading XP key changer, you can run this program without any subscription and you don’t have to reboot your computer for that neither give out personal information.
Step 2
When the window opens, select the 'install' button.
Step 3
Now you enter the product key which is on your COA (Certificate of Authenticity) package when you are asked. Click on 'change' to start the update.
Step 4
If the key is valid and suitable, it will match the new product key. No need to restart your computer to verify this. IF the key changer tool fails to change the key then the reason can be due to a simple thing such as an invalid key or it could be a generic matching mistake
Step 5
After the windows XP key has been updated, you now have to activate windows. Once you have windows activated, you can find out if your copy of windows is genuine or pirated by going to this link: and clicking Validate Windows.
Step 6
A good suggestion is if you are not very savvy with software, then take the help of a professional software technician to help you out with the installation of windows XP key, this will keep your computer safe from crashing and you will be sure to get genuine version of windows.