How to backup dvd movies

Level of difficulty: Easy

If you are a movie buff, then make copies of your DVDs and play them at home without the risk of letting the originals get scratched or in any way damaged. The playback quality will be good as well as you getting disc protection.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
Firstly, you have to install a DVD software program to back up the DVDs. There are various websites who offer free trial back up softwares to copy a DVD, install one such program onto your computer.
Step 2
After you have installed the program, open it.
Step 3
Get the DVD movie ready by inserting the it into the optical drive which is going to be used for the program.
Step 4
Another option is using a DVD folder in the hard drive which you have saved previously. Which ever option you use will be recognized by the DVD back up software program when the file is selected.
Step 5
Make a copy of the DVD movie file, you can either make a choice to make a back up of your file in the hard drive, or use a blank DVD. There are several methods by which you can back up the movie files depending on the medium you want to use to get a copy of it.
Step 6
To back up to the disk drive, you go to 'My Documents' which is the destination by default, but if you rather pick another destination folder, then select the option'Target' from the program menu which will direct it there.
Step 7
To back up to blank DVD, Choose the option 'DVD to DVD' from the program menu, and decide between using a 4.7GB DVD-5 or a 8.5GB DVD-9.
Step 8
It is upto you whether you want to just keep the movie file or add the other special files which are accompanied with the movie on the DVD. If it is your wish to copy the whole file on the DVD, then you have to select the option of selecting the full disc so that the entire content on the DVD will be copied.
Step 9
While you are making your back up copy, you have the preference of selecting what type of subtitle you want added on to your back up copy.