How to Back Up your Favorite folder

Level of difficulty: Easy

Folders are locations on the computer’s hard disk or floppy disk that contain files and even subfolders or nested folders. It is used to organize the various pieces of information contained in the user’s computer. On computers using the UNIX and DOS Operating Systems, folders are usually called directories. A typical computer file system may have hundreds of thousands of directories maintained and organized by storing similarly-related files under similar directories. A directory may contain another directory or otherwise known as a subdirectory. Jointly, the directories usually form a tree structure or hierarchy wherein the computer's file system is seen as some form of file cabinet with various levels of directories. Creating a backup of your favorite folders is a very helpful tool in preserving the user’s favorite information in the event of system crashes. The folder can be easily backed up using a CD or anywhere that can be accessed by the user in case these pieces of information have been lost in the computer.

Materials Needed:
- Computer
Step 1
Open 'My Computer' by clicking on 'Start' and then clicking on 'My Computer'.
Step 2
Select the computer’s hard drive and open it by double clicking the 'Local Disk (C:). Some computers may however not state that the hard drive is C and may depend on the user’s hard drive letter.
Step 3
Go to 'Documents ad Settings' and double click on it. Double click on the username then create a copy of the 'Favorites' folder to the place where a backup of the folder is desired to be backed up. The location of the 'Favorites' folder may vary depending on the user's Web browser. For computers using the Windows Vista Operating System, the location of the favorite’s folder is ':\ Users\ <Current User>\ Roaming\ Favorites\' while for those using Windows XP, the folder is C:\ Documents and Settings\ <Current User>\ Favorites\.
Step 4
In the event of system crashes, the folder can be restored by simply copying and pasting the folder back to the location where it was taken.
Step 5
In some instances, the user may need to configure the backup by performing several processes. First, the user opens 'Backup4all' and then chooses 'File->New Backup' by pressing Ctrl + N. On the first page, the user must provide and enter a name for the backup on the field provided for the Backup Name. The user can then choose the location where the backup is desired to be placed after which, the 'Next' button should be clicked. On the page asking 'What do you want to backup', the user may add the Favorites folder and then click on 'Next'. On the third and final page, the user may select the type of backup and encryption. After choosing the user’s preferences, click on 'Finish'.