How to Connect Two Computers

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Connecting two computers is useful especially if you want to share files and folders without having to transmit them from computer to computer. You can gain access to another computer even without using a router. All you need to do is configure the settings on your computer and connect the computers with a cable.

Materials Needed:
- Crossover cable
- Computers
- LAN cards
Step 1
Get your crossover cable and connect one end of the cable to your host computer and the other end on the other computer. Connect the ends to the Ethernet ports.
Step 2
Boot up the computer. Make sure that you sign in to the computer as the system’s administrator so you can apply changes necessary to connect the two computers.
Step 3
Click the 'Start' button on the desktop. Access the 'Control Panel' and click on 'Network Connections'. Look for 'Network Tasks' and click on 'Create a new connection'. Click on the 'Next' button.
Step 4
Click on 'Set up an advanced connection' and click the 'Next' button. Click on the option that says 'Connect directly to another computer' and click 'Next'.
Step 5
Determine if the computer that you are setting up is the host computer or the guest computer. The host computer is the system that you want to gain access to. The guest computer is the computer you will use to gain access to the host computer. Click 'Host' or 'Guest'.
Step 6
Set up your host computer by choosing parallel or serial port from the options and click on 'Next'. Read through the list of users that you want to allow access the files on the computer. Check the appropriate boxes and click on 'Next' and click on 'Finish'.
Step 7
Set up the guest computer by choosing parallel or serial port. Determine whether the computer can be accessed by all the users or if you do not want to share files. Click on 'Anyone’s use' to allow access to everyone or 'My use only' to keep your files private. Click 'Finish'.
Step 8
The guest computer can now connect to the host computer. Files and folders can be accessed. You can also make some changes on the files accessed on the host computer if the option is enabled by the administrator.
Step 9
Apply a second thin coat of the primer by repeating steps 6 (spraying/drying) and 7 (cleaning/drying).