How to clear internet explorer history

Level of difficulty: Easy

The Internet browser that is being used world wide is the Internet Explorer. This browser is capable of maintaining a record of all the websites that have been visited in the past. This capability though is useful sometimes to locate a website which one had visited a few days back but does not remember the link now, but most of the times it is a trouble some affair. Incase a person has been visiting some questionable websites; this history record can land that person into deep trouble. The best option to get rid of any such possible trouble is to delete all the records from the history thus destroying all the evidence.

Materials Needed:
- For this one requires to have an Internet browser from which the history needs to be deleted. The person who is to perform this task must have working knowledge of the Internet browsing application. There is no other special requirement or skill requirement for this job.
Step 1
Before beginning make sure that all the Internet browser windows are closed. Closing all these windows will ensure that all the links which have been accessed till the latest get deleted. After closing all the windows open a new browser window.
Step 2
After a fresh window opens, try to locate the ‘Tools’ menu option located somewhere on the menu bar on the top of the screen. Click on the ‘Tools’ option and a drop down menu will open. From this menu choose the ‘Delete Browsing History’ tab.
Step 3
Click on the ‘Delete Browsing History’, a pop up window will appear. This window will have a lot many options. You can choose an option to clear temporary history file and to remove passwords. The best option available that gets you rid of any past records is to simply clear the history. There will be a button named ‘Delete All’ at the end of this window, click it. After clicking this a small window will appear asking the user to confirm whether all the history should be deleted or not. Click on the ‘OK’ button to confirm the deletion.
Step 4
After this close the current window of the browser and check if the task has been successfully completed or not. For this open a new Internet browser and click on the ‘History’ button. If there is nothing that is displayed it means the job is done. Also if one writes something in the address bar of the browser there will be no options displayed there either.