How to convert dvd to psp

Level of difficulty: Easy

PSP means Play Station Portable; your favorite movies can be played and watch them when you are in the mood for it. To convert DVD to PSP, all you need is a converter that is a Video Converter. Follow few steps as it is an easy process, and this PSP converter makes the process very simple and enjoyable. You can use the embedded uploader and upload the converted videos fast to the PSP. Within a few minutes, the conversion from DVD to PSP video has been done, all you got to do is run into PSP converter, then you open up your video, select a preset mode for the PSP< and click on the convert button. Here are few easy to do steps for converting.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
Firstly, download and install a Video Converter Software Program so that you can use the DVD to PSP converter.
Step 2
This software is a good tool which converts DVD to PSP video very efficiently. When downloading is done, then you have to run the Video Converter Setup.exe file and look at the instructions which the Installation Wizard gives and follow them.
Step 3
After the PSP converter has been run, then you open the DVD that you wish to change.
Step 4
Run the video converter and to open DVD, click on it.
Step 5
Now you have many options, make a choice of the PSP Preset to convert. On the interface of the DVD to PSP converter, on the left hand section a devices tab, do a click selecting Sony PSP in the Output format. Go to preset and choose – Video for PSP mp4.
Step 6
The starting of the process of conversion from DVD to PSP begins. You will find in the output directory of the DVD to PSP converter a folder icon which specifies where the files will be put by the program, which is converted, click it.
Step 7
Ticks on the check boxes, existing overwrite files, both output and input folders, etc.
Step 8
Then click the convert tab to convert the DVD to PSP. Use the PSP Uploader, and you can transfer Video to PSP. Then you will see a tools menu on the DVD to PSP converter, select Tools.
Step 9
From the windows application, make a selection of the movies that you want transferred, so click on 'Move' button to start the transfer. The file which is on the computer will be deleted on its own and if you want a copy of the video, then click 'Copy'.