How to calibrate a monitor

Level of difficulty: EASY

When we first purchase a monitor, it comes with a driver. This driver helps the operating system of the computer in understanding the monitor. But as time passes by, monitor tends to drift in terms of their calibration. Calibration is the main need for viewing the images as it is. For web designers, graphic professionals or digital photographer, color texture is a vital factor and most of the time they face the problem that images on screen look different from the same image on print. So what is to be done- calibrating the monitor, simple. Calibrating the monitor provides a screen display completely similar to that of what we would see on paper.We do not want to spend hours choosing the perfect color scheme for seeing some mis- matched picture coming out of the printer. So, calibration of the monitor is the only way out of this problem.

Materials Needed:
- Calibration test screens
- numerous softwares in the market that helps us to calibrate our monitor.
Step 1
Measuring the screen resolution is one of the major steps in the process. Choosing the highest resolution is the best option.
Step 2
Then comes the step of adjusting the brightness and contrast controls. The contrast and brightness controls are either located on the screen menu or on the side of the monitor.
Step 3
Calibration test screens are available online which will ultimately help us in adjusting the brightness and contrast and comparing the adjustments. But the most important factor is ensuring that the computer is in high color mode. If the display of the monitor is not in proper color mode, then there will not be enough color depth for calibration. It is generally advised to calibrate the monitor every month for optimum visual accuracy. Apart from that, there are numerous softwares in the market that helps us to calibrate our monitor and that too with nominal pocket pinch.
Step 4
The simplest calibration method involves only the adjustments of the contrast and brightness of the monitor. For most people, simple calibration is enough. But for photographers or web designers, serious design work and accurate color matching is necessary, thereby relying heavily on calibration. Each and every single person loves to have perfection in our life. Just getting satisfied with something close to perfect and not applying the proper technologies is like making fool of ourself. So, it is the high time. Stop thinking and start calibrating your printer and monitor to avail the benefit of superb quality printing or scanning.