How to build a website for free

Level of difficulty: Easy

Do you want to create a website for free? The methods are not much different from creating a website where you need to invest. The only difference is you do not involve another party. Here are a few tips to help you build your website without investing.

Materials Needed:
- software needed to carry out the access method
- hi-speed internet service
- DSL and static IP address.
Step 1
In the first place, plan your website. Outline what are the purposes and goals of your site. Who are the visitors you are trying to draw. What are the contents you should inculcate. How should you present them. You can take up a free hosting service which will help you out.
Step 2
You should also pay due importance to search engines ranking. For securing a better position, use the key phrases often. You can use them once in each page. However, make sure that it does not hamper the quality of what you are writing. If you use the key search words frequently, your website might be in a better position in the search engines. When visitors try to search the key phrases, your website should be in the first or second page. If it is not so, then the reader will probably not check your site even if it is informative. Try to give a different title at the beginning of each page. That gives an idea to the surfer what the page is going to deal with. If they see a clean presentation and are satisfied with the informations provided by your site, they might visit again.
Step 3
Design your website properly. Visual appearance plays a crucial role in attracting visitors. However, make sure you do not overdo it. If you insert lots of graphic designs and videos, the pages will take time to load. The visitors may get impatient and not wait. There should be a synchronization of the use of colors, graphics and content for creating an effective site. Use standard colors. Colors which are too bright or garish may not appeal to all.
Step 4
You need to create code for your site. HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is the ‘Code’ which is used to specify text, multimedia documents (graphics, video, animation, and sound). It also creates hyperlinks between documents. You do not need to use an expensive HTML editor to create your code, the Windows text editor, Notepad will serve the purpose.
Step 5
After you have uploaded your files, check your Web pages against the formal standard published by the Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C), for verifying broken links and identifying spelling errors.