How to create a pst file

Level of difficulty: Easy

PST files are the place where your files are stored. Every computer has an exchange mail server where your personal email address is stored, but the server space is low going as far as 175 Mb, then if you go above that you will keep getting messages from the server asking you to delete some files in order to send mails. Then some items have to be deleted in order to send mails. Do not keep sent items as it takes up space which you require. What you are required to do is to store your messages which might be important for you is to remove them from the Exchange server, creating new PST file and store it on a hard drive of your computer.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
First step is to open Outlook.
Step 2
Then click on File.
Step 3
Go to New and click on it.
Step 4
Then last of all, click on Outlook Data File.
Step 5
Give a specific name to the PST file, and browse your hard drives to see where you want to place it, as it is outlook saves it automatically on to the C drive. Many people save their important files on C drives but it is not advisable because if the hard drive gets corrupt, then you lose this file too.
Step 6
Outlook will give you a new dialog box asking you for the name of the file. It will go by default to the Personal folders. You can put a password to the file to protect it but it is not necessary to do so, better to leave it to outlook for the option.
Step 7
The PST file will now be in the Folder list appearing with the name that you have given and it will work like your personal mailbox via the server. Now you can keep adding more files and folders within it and store all the old e mails.
Step 8
If the PST files exceed a limit of 1 GB then they can get corrupt, so when you see that the file is getting too large, then it is better to create a new one and start storing it there. Be organized about your files in order to save on your time. Save them by year wise.
Step 9
Transferring mail from one PST file to another will not make the original one decrease in size; so compress the file. Compressing is done by clicking on the file, then click on the Data File Management, Then the file you want compressed, double click on it.