How to clone a hard drive

Level of difficulty: Easy

A hard disk is a magnetic disk that is still the most common storage device for all computers. It is a stack of one or more metal platters that spins around a spindle like rigid diskettes. Hard disks have become the primary storage device for PCs because they are convenient and cost efficient. In both speed and capacity, they outperform the diskettes. Whether through a virus attack or mechanical failure, there is every possibility of the drive becoming corrupt. In that case the only solution left for us is making a back up copy of our hard drive. Creating a back up simply means to make a copy of the data to prevent data loss in case of hardware failure, technical error or virus attack. The principle of backing up is same for magnetic or laser disks. Now, cloning a hard drive is completely the same as that of creating a back up. Hard drive cloning is the process of photocopying the contents of one drive to another. The method of cloning is very effective for system backup, for drive upgradation and for automatically clean the system, thereby allowing to perform effectively. Disk cloning uses special types of software programs to create a perfect copy of one hard disk on another drive. The software helps in creating an “image file” of the contents in the drive and then organized to a new drive and helps to store them in any type of storage media.

Materials Needed:
- special types of software programs.
Step 1
For carrying the cloning process from first one to another internal hard disk, the first thing to be done is switch off the power of the computer
Step 2
After removing the cables from the computer, dislodge the top and bottom case.
Step 3
Then comes the most important step of connecting the original hard drive to the new one with the help of cables.
Step 4
After completing the connectivity, reposition the covers and turn the computer on.
Step 5
Let the operating system carry out the loading process and open the special cloning software.
Step 6
Choose the option of cloning and select the location of the first drive that requires cloning and the new drive where the clone positions itself.
Step 7
On providing your consent for running the cloning process, the step comes to a close. Within less than half an hour, the job is done and your data gets preserved. The process becomes even easier if you choose an external hard drive for storing Xeroxed data.
Step 8
The process of cloning is also known as disk imaging. You get a complete security of your valuable informations from this imaging process. Furthermore, the cloning softwares are easily available in the market. So hurry, get a copy of your own cloning software and make a life insurance of your valuable data and documents.