How to Use RAM Disk

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Using a RAM disk can help users access files quickly since the storage is in RAM. A RAM disk is a volatile memory and will be lost once the machine is turned off. RamDisk is a free application that enables users to generate a virtual disk or virtual storage drive that is much the same with other logical drives on the computer. Through a RAM disk, users will be able to access their files a lot faster than accessing files to a hard drive.

Materials Needed:
- Microsoft Windows OS
- RamDisk software
Step 1
In order to easily make a RAM disk, you need to download and install the RamDisk application on your computer. Using the Internet web browser search for a downloadable RamDIsk application. Run an antivirus scan on your downloaded RamDisk application before you proceed with installation.
Step 2
Follow the instructions that will be provided by the RamDisk Wizard in installing the software. After you have installed RamDisk, launch it and start creating and using a RAM disk that will act like a standard logical drive. But remember that all the files that you will be storing in your virtual disk will be lost after your machine restarts.
Step 3
To create a RAM disk using the RamDisk software, choose the size of the drive that you would like to have and then choose a letter for that drive and then click the 'OK' button below the application’s interface.
Step 4
You will then be prompted with a little message box telling you that you have succeeded creating a virtual disk and that you can now use your RAM disk. To use it you can select your RAM disk in My Computer just like selecting a real hard disk drive. RamDisk’s suitable operation makes administering your RAM disk simple. You can even share your RAM disk generated by the RamDisk software on your network easily.
Step 5
You can use your RAM disk as storage of large files or to increase the security of your Web browser. It can enhance the speed rate of loading Web pages. And because of the volatility of RAM disks, using it has privacy benefits.