How to build a business website

Level of difficulty: Easy

HTML knowledge is not necessary for you to build a business website; it can be done professionally and in a fast way. With the start of internet, thousands of sites are created everyday. You website could be built to promote your upcoming business venture or an existing online venture, if your website is good, it can add to your success. A good website builder and host will enhance your website. Browse through several hosts which will teach you what you don’t know about building your website and will give implement you with ideas. Creating a web page will give you pleasure as you can use trial and error method.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized host
Step 1
The website is an impersonal place with only your name, phone number and e mail address given, so you should differentiate your site from the others by adding more personal information, after all, business is done with people who can be trusted and are known.
Step 2
Have a simple yet good name for your website, and you will be required to write a topic that people usually search for that relates to your business directly and will come up well in the search tabs. Think of ideas that are unique and reflects your purpose of business. Web space can either be bought or you can launch your own free website.
Step 3
Choose the domain name, after you have done careful research of your main keywords. If your local business building name is well known, then you should use your business name but using top keywords is better for online ventures.
Step 4
Help people to remember your site. Give out a newsletter; it will make people keep in touch who are visiting your site.
Step 5
You should start building your website; first do your main page and what your page is about. Then go ahead with your second tier and third tier pages, each page containing your key word which is connected to your business.
Step 6
Clarify to the people who go to your site that you are offering more than just doing a program for sales. Make the subscription an easy one and be sure to follow a regular publishing schedule.
Step 7
A lot of people think that people who use free websites to host their site are not thorough professionals as people those with a domain name. People start to wonder why you don’t have your own domain space. Free sites require you to host banner advertisements for various companies the pop ups get annoying. It destroys the marketing message.