How to Uninstall Sound Blaster Live

Level of difficulty: Easy

The Sound Blaster Live! sound card was developed by Creative Labs. It features higher quality sound, greater chip integration, and supports multi-speaker output unlike the older versions of Sound Blaster.

Materials Needed:
- Computer
- Windows Operating System OS
- Sound Blaster Live! CD Installer
- Screw Driver
Step 1
There are two procedures to uninstall the Sound Blaster Live! program. The first method is to use the 'Add or Remove Programs' function. This is the default uninstaller of the Windows Operating System. The second method is to use the disk installer of the Sound Blaster Live! application to uninstall the program. Make sure that the Sound Blaster Live! program is not running. If the program is still active, the removal will be successful.
Step 2
The system tray is located on the lower right of your computer screen. Click on the Sound Blaster Live! icon. Right click on the icon and select the exit option to exit the program. If the Sound Blaster Live! CD installer is available, proceed to the next step. If the CD is not available, proceed to step 5.
Step 3
Place your Sound Blaster Live! disc in the computer or laptop CD-ROM drive. Close the setup wizard when the installer executes its ‘Autorun’.
Step 4
Click on the 'My Computer' icon and select the disk drive of the computer or laptop. Then, right-click the CD/DVD ROM drive icon and select the ‘Explore’ option. Search for the setup.exe file to uninstall the Sound Blaster Live!.
Step 5
After executing the setup.exe process, a window will pop up. Select the 'uninstall' option. It will then start the uninstall process. Select and click on the 'Start' button located at the lower left side of the desktop, then choose and click the Settings menu. Under the Settings menu, select 'Control Panel. Double-click on 'Add or Remove Programs'. Choose Sound Blaster Live! from the list. Click on the 'Remove' button to uninstall the program and its drivers.
Step 6
After selecting the Remove button, a message box will appear, prompting you to remove or retain the shared components of the Sound Blaster Live! program. Click 'Yes' to remove all the components. This message will appear when uninstalling programs that make use of other hardware devices connected to your computer. (This message box will also appear when you uninstall the Sound Blaster Live! application using the application’s Installer Disk.)
Step 7
Turn off the computer and unplug the power cable from its power source. Open the computer cover and ground yourself by touching the power supply unit to protect the components of your computer from static electricity. Remove the screw where the Sound Blaster Live! is located. Gently pull up the Sound Blaster Live! from its slot.