How to Understand Python for Software Design

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Python is among the best programming languages available to programming enthusiasts. It is classified as a high-level programming language that has a design philosophy that puts an emphasis on code readability. The Python programming language employs indentations as block delimiters. This is unusual among the popular languages in programming. This programming language is also known to be capable of supporting a number of programming paradigms. Python features an automatic memory management and a dynamic type of system much similar to other programming languages like Ruby, Tcl, Scheme and Perl. Like other languages that are classified to be dynamic, they are frequently employed as scripting languages. The book “Python for Software Design How To Think Like a Computer Scientist” introduces us to designing software by means of the programming language Python. It has been intended for people who have no background in programming. It begins with the basic concepts of gradually adding new material. A number of ideas that students discover most challenging have been divided into a series of smaller steps and are introduced through the course of some chapters. These include object-oriented and recursion programming. It focuses on the process of programming and specially emphasizes on debugging.

Materials Needed:
- Computer
- Python for Software Design
- Internet connection
Step 1
There are a number of ways for learning the programming language Python. There are so many choices to choose from but each of these choices could be tailor fitted to suit certain individuals like computer scientists for example.
Step 2
The free book 'Python for Software Design How to Think Like a Computer Scientist' is among the best ways to learn and study the Python programming language. If you are a computer enthusiast or a student of computer science, then this is surely the best way for you to learn the programming language. This book may be downloaded for free from the website
Step 3
Another excellent way for learning Python is by reading 'Dive into Python'. That is only if you have a background in other languages used for computer programming. You may download it from the website
Step 4
A smaller, if not, thinner book that could also be used when trying to learn about the basics of the programming language Python is a 'A byte of python'. It could be downloaded from the website
Step 5
Lastly, the website is also a good source for learning the Python programming language because they have several good tutorials that are available online to assist would be learners.