How to Burn ISO File to DVD

Level of difficulty: Easy

ISO files are disc images. These are archive files that store data exactly as they would be stored in a DVD disc. The file is uncompressed. It contains the file data and information about the file system. This includes the boot code, attributes, and structure of the information. These files often store software or entire movie DVDs complete with special features and menus.

Materials Needed:
- Computer
- DVD burner
- burning program
- blank DVD
Step 1
Get blank DVDs. The most common blank DVDs are single-layered which can store up to 4Gb. There are also multiple-layered discs that can hold up to 15Gb. Choose a format that can hold the entire ISO file or purchase multiple single-layer DVDs.
Step 2
Choose the burning program. There are some burning applications that can only burn ISO files. Other burning suites allow users to burn in several formats.
Step 3
If using an ISO image burner, the file can be burned immediately. Additional options can also be presented depending on the program used. These can include setting the burning speed and creating a title for the disc.
Step 4
If using a burning suite, users will have to choose the option to burn an ISO format file. This is commonly done by launching the program and selecting the Backup option. Users may be given options to copy the contents of existing discs or to use data from a disc image or saved project. Choose the latter option.
Step 5
Open the ISO file to be burned. The file can be accessed using a drop-down menu or a function from the application. It may also be dragged to the program window. Accessing the ISO file and right-clicking it will also allow users to open it with any compatible program. The desired burning program can be chosen through the drop-down list.
Step 6
Once the file has been added to the project, check to make sure the file size does not exceed the capacity of the chosen optical disc. Insufficient data will abort the project.
Step 7
Place the blank disc in the disc drive. Most burning programs will prompt users for the exact moment when the blank disc is needed. It can also be placed in the drive ahead of time. This would allow the burning application to check if the disc is sufficient enough to handle all the data in the file.
Step 8
Burn the project. After burning, users can check if the file was burned properly. Most burners check if the data was written correctly after each burning.