How to burn pc games

Level of difficulty: Easy

If you want to burn PC games for having backups here are some tips to guide you. Things which you will require for this process are CD burner, Blank CD, Nero Express or some other software and Second burner or CD-ROM.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
For burning downloaded PC Games, first insert a blank CD in the burner. Now open Nero Express or some equivalent software. There are a number of software available. Choose the one you find most useful. If you are using Nero Express, first go to the start menu, then go to tab and find All programs. Hit Nero. You will notice a pop-up of Nero Express which will be getting displayed. For burning PC games onto your blank disk, click on Data Disk. Hit Add in the pop-up window. It will then show a browser for your hard drive. Now locate the PC games that you are willing to burn. Click on each of them, one at a time until the bar at the bottom of the screen is full to the red, dotted line. Hit Next and you will find a window which displays your current burner. Click on Burn and wait for the CD to be completed. The time it will take depends on the speed of the computer. However, a fast PC will normally take less than 30 minutes. When the process gets over, the CD will be ejected automatically.
Step 2
For burning PC Game disks, insert the PC Game disk into your CD-ROM drive. The blank CD disk should be placed in your burner. You should have two types of CD-ROMs installed into the computer which you are accessing. Open Nero Express or some other software which you are using. Click on the start menu bar. Now open All Programs and click on Nero Express or an equivalent. Then click on Copy Entire Disk. You will now notice a source drive as well as a destination drive. Check and ensure that the PC game disk is in source and the blank CD is in destination. Decide whether you want just one copy or more than one. Now click on the Burn option. This process might take a little longer time than just burning files of your PC. How much time it takes will depend on the system. A fast PC may take 45 minutes to finish the burn process. Once it is done, you may play your favorite games.