How to configure linksys router

Level of difficulty: Easy

A networking device that links two or more computer networks and interchanges data packets between them by choice. Customization of software and hardware has to be incorporated in a router to accomplish the purpose of forwarding information and routing. Before you get ready to configure a LinkSys router, you should know that like all routers, LinkSys routers also link two or more logical subnets. These subnets do not contribute to any common network address.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized Hardware
Step 1
Conceived and devised by Cisco techies, LinkSys has gained popularity among all the home routers in the market. Based on your necessity and capacity, you can plan to install any of DSL, Wireless and Cable routers from LinkSys. The setup process is so simple and straightforward that having experience in setting up a router earlier is not mandatory. There are four processes involved in it – Recognizing, Setting Up, Configuring and Logging In.
Step 2
In case it is a wireless LinkSys router, antennas need to be attached to the router in the beginning. Next, you need to find the Ethernet cable in the modem provided by Broadband ISP and then plug it into the WAN or Internet port on the router. The other part of the cable is to be plugged into an Ethernet Port existing in your computer.
Step 3
While configuring a LinkSys Router, some people use the Setup Wizard which is not convenient to use for many people. Rather, you can try opening your web browser and then using as the URL. The screen that you will find at it will take you to enter username and password.
Step 4
It is not very important to enter the username but the password. Typing the default LinkSys password ‘admin’ will do good to login to a LinkSys router. Doing this will let you choose from numerous options to configure your home LinkSys router. You will not be in trouble as the router comes with default settings in such a way that it suits in any environment. In case, you are having a wireless router, it is advised to set an SSID to recognize your own. Also, you need to configure WEP for the encryption of your wireless traffic.
Step 5
While setting up a DSL ISP in this case, identify the local IP address and save settings after changing it to You need to know to reset the computer’s IP Address for proper configuration of the router. Finally, check if the IP addresses are all coming as zeros. If numbers are coming, you can connect and the web page will appear. If not, then clicking either on DHCP Release or IP Address Release and then enable PPPoE on the LinkSys router. Save settings and connect to Internet by using your very own home LinkSys Router.