How to change fonts on myspace

Level of difficulty: Easy

MySpace came into being in 2002. It is very popular among users as it helps them to get in touch with their friends and family in no time. It also allows users to post their blogs, comments, share videos, photos and music online. MySpace has become one of the most preferred sites by people. MySpace fonts help in presenting one’s profile in an attractive way. It is used by many people these days as it is one of the best social networking sites. It enables users to change fonts and layout of their MySpace page according to their creativity and imagination MySpace helps users in setting layouts of their profile page according to their interests. One can even display his or her pictures in profile page. One can also change theme, font size, color as the need arises. Users get an opportunity to exhibit their creativity and make their MySpace page stand out from the rest.

Materials Needed:
- One would need a computer system
- internet connection and a MySpace account.
Step 1
Foremost step in changing font or format is to access to MySpace account by logging in. This requires users to have an appropriate account on MySpace. Once the user has log into his account, there are adequate measures to change fonts and make his profile look attractive.
Step 2
Once the user has entered his or her account, next step is to go to 'Edit Profile' link where he can make desired changes to create an attractive display.
Step 3
Next step requires users to select text that needs to be changed. Once the text is selected, users need to a type '<' on the left side of desired text that is to be changed. After that one needs to type 'span style=font size in number' and close the tag by using > on right hand side of inserted text. Users can choose any font size for their data to make it comprehensible.
Step 4
Once users have made required changes in their data, they need to save such changes by clicking 'Save All Changes' button. This helps users in saving all the changes made by them.
Step 5
Last step in this process is to review whether desired changes have been applied or not. To check this, all one needs to do is click 'View My Profile' link to see the changes made and spot errors, if any.