How to burn mdf files

Level of difficulty: Easy

MDF files can be a type of Microsoft Database SQL file. It takes the place of an image backup file. There are two types of files, MDF and .MDS files which like each other and both put to use. What does an image file mean? It is also known as an archive file, and is an exact copy byte to byte like an “image”.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
Suppose you own a CD with multiple data on it, you can archive all the files into one big file having extension of MDF. MDF files are archive files, like a ZIP file without compression.
Step 2
When a file is compressed, all you are doing is reducing the size of a certain file on disk with the help of math for the purpose of storing it in a compressed format style; it could be a ZIP or RAR. That means you are trying to save space.
Step 3
When you want to make backup copies of CDs and DVDs, you then use MDF file format by software that is designed just for it. If you are using compatible software, then you can read, extract the matter and burn MDF files. To burn a MDF file on a CD/DVD, use Alcohol 120%.
Step 4
What are required to have while burning an MDF file is an Internet connection and a blank CD or DVD.
Step 5
If you don’t have Alcohol 120%, then download and install it. It is a commercial program which is used for backing up CDs and DVDs. It may be free for a while with a trial period. Do launch the program.
Step 6
Now click on the Image Burning Wizard.
Step 7
Then click on 'Browse.' Go browsing to the MDF file, and double click it. If you are unable by use of Alcohol 120% to open files, right click on it and click 'Rename.' The file extension should be changed into 'MDS' from 'MDF' and again try to open the file. This time it will surely open.
Step 8
Put a disc in the optical drive of the computer, and then click next to start. The disc will start its burning process.
Step 9
What you need to know is that Alcohol 120% creates a virtual optical drive on your computer; they are read as physical discs. If you require reading a disc image just a single time, use the virtual drive capability of Alcohol 120.