How to check web history

Level of difficulty: Easy

Each day, hundreds or thousands of websites are visited. One can check the web page visited by other family members or if one has forgotten to add the page to his/ her favorites. It is possible to do so. Several methods are there to put the tabs on the internet Explorer history. It is crucial nowadays to monitor the internet history as it helps to maintain the reliability of the Windows installation. Through this method one would be able to check the unusual websites that might have led to any malware or spam when an email address is mistakenly added in any webpage form. One can follow the following steps to check the history of the internet, sites visited by the teenager, roommates, pre teen or an employee. The list of the websites can be easily viewed.

Materials Needed:
- Computer and time.
Step 1
Over a period of time, several internet explorer versions have come in the market however the menu options have almost remained the same. With technology only additional functionalities have been added. The step given can be used for Web browser Version 6 & later. Open the internet explorer, search the History button. Internet explorer seven and eight, one can access the history by selecting the Favorites button on toolbar and choose History within sidebar. Short cut key Ctrl+H can also be used. List of websites will appear on the left hand side of the computer screen. It would give the list of the multiple pages that are visited within a website. Internet history provides the through details.
Step 2
Websites will be displayed according to a particular day when the website was visited. Websites are listed according 'today', two days ago, Yesterday etc.
Step 3
One can select the website for which the details needs to be checked like for past weeks, days, months. Many advanced options are provided by Internet explorer these days. One can also get the access to images, downloaded content from each web page. One can go to Tools->Internet options->General tab->this section has the option for browsing history. One can also delete the history files. One can also go to Settings to check the amount of space occupied by the temporary files. Settings can also be done to choose the time period for Internet Explorer History or to change the location for saving the internet files.