How to get passed websense

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Do a thorough research and find a proxy server for yourself. There are many websites which hosts lists of proxy servers are even update these lists regularly. There might be a chance that the proxy server which you were using earlier is not available now, so don’t worry and find a new one for yourself.

Materials Needed:
- Websense is an Internet filter that filters or blocks some of the websites. These are usually put into use at educational institutes where websites with objectionable content needs to be prohibited. The objectionable content may be porn in nature or may be having information on other objectionable topics like drugs
- ammunition
- alcohol and many more. These filters though can be comfortably bypassed by using proxy servers. There are many proxy servers available
- you can either create your own at home or then use its settings else where or you can simply use one of those open proxy servers available on the Internet. Using a proxy server from the Internet is the easiest and the quickest option.
Step 1
For the second step open the Internet browser and go to the ‘Tools’ option situated in the menu bar. In the tools option you will find a ‘Options’ tab, click it. This will open a window. In this window you will see an option where you will be required to fill the IP address of the proxy server or the domain name of the proxy server, fill it and come out. This mechanism is same for both the browsers that is for Internet Explorer as well as Firefox.
Step 2
Now come to the ‘Advanced’ option and then click on the ‘Setting’ button in the connections window. Fill in the name of the proxy server same as earlier in the http proxy textbox. You will also be required to fill in the port number. The port number is generally something among 80, 8080 or 3128.
Step 3
Finally click on ‘ok’ button and exit the browser. Now open the browser window again and try opening the blocker websites. You will be able to access them. This happens because the Internet was earlier blocking the website whose IP address was provided, but this IP address has now been replaced by a new IP address which is of the proxy server. So instead of blocking the website, the filter will block the proxy server. This is how one can easily bypass Websense.