How to Remove Desktop Wallpapers

Level of difficulty: Easy

Desktop wallpapers are images that can be used as a display background. Images used as the desktop display usually reflect the personality, interest and lifestyle of the user. There are users who do not want to have desktop wallpapers on the computer screen as it slows down the startup process of the system. The following are the ways to remove them if you do not want to have this on your screen.

Materials Needed:
- Computer
- Windows Operating System (OS)
Step 1
On the Desktop, navigate your mouse pointer towards the lower left corner of the screen. Hover on the 'Start' button, and click on it. Doing this will open the 'Start' menu.
Step 2
Browse through the options and search for the Control Panel button. The Control Panel menu houses the administrative features used to configure the Windows Operating System. Select this option.
Step 3
Navigate through the icons found on this window. Search for the Display icon. Select this icon. This opens the Display Properties menu. The Display Properties menu allows the user to change the appearance of the Desktop. Customizable features are the screen’s resolution, the font sizes, the colors, the screen savers, and the background. The background of the screen is also called the Desktop wallpaper.
Step 4
Navigate the Desktop Properties menu. The different tabs house the different configurable items of the display. Select the bookmark titled Desktop. The Desktop tab shows a miniature graphical representation of the Desktop, a background scroll down menu, and some options regarding the display of the wallpaper.
Step 5
Navigate the Background menu. Scroll up through the wallpaper choices available. At the very top of the menu is the option entitled 'None'. Select this option. This will remove any wallpaper attached as the Desktop background.
Step 6
Once you are there, you can see the different wallpapers. Change the view to thumbnails to see the images. Highlight the image, right-click on your mouse, then select 'Delete'.
Step 7
Another option of removing the Desktop wallpaper is through the Desktop itself. Navigate the mouse to an empty area on the display. Be careful not to hover on a desktop icon.
Step 8
Right click the mouse. This opens the window menu. The window menu gives options that allow the user to change the appearance of how the icons items are displayed. The final option at the bottom of the menu is usually marked 'Properties'. Scroll down the menu and select the 'Properties' option. This opens the Display Properties menu. Follow the procedure starting from step 4.