How to convert vcd to dvd

Level of difficulty: Easy

This is a simple guide, which will show you how to convert VCD to DVD. The tools used for this are the TMPGEnc, or the VCDGear. Follow these steps.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
The data, which is on the VCD, has to be copied from it onto the hard disc of the computer. The MPEGAV folder will contain the data that you require, copy it from there and transfer it onto a hard disc folder and rename it, such as video
Step 2
After you have named the folder, then open the TMPEGEnc and load MPEG Tools, such as File->MPEG Tools.
Step 3
Press the tab after selecting the Merge. Select MPEG-10 Video CD. Then add it by clicking on 'Add’ button, and load the video files.
Step 4
Then make a selection of the output file and click on 'Run'. If your file is big and you have to insert another CD and the dialog comes up 'Insert CD 2', make a double click within the dialog box and insert a mark before the dialog does come up.
Step 5
You now need to segregate the video from the audio. Do that by clicking on the De-multiplex tab, then start the loading of the file that was created and then select a video and audio output similar to the picture. Then click on 'Run'.
Step 6
Now comes the part when the audio has to be converted from 44.1 KHZ to 48 KHZ, which is the valid format for a DVD. If your VCD itself is 48 KHZ, then you don’t need to convert it. Then load the BeSweetGUI. After that, load the mp2 file that was created previously.
Step 7
Click on the SSRC tab and use the settings. Again click on BeSweet for it to appear on the screen. Select mp2 as the output format and then click on 'mp2' to start to process of converting.
Step 8
Now all you need to do is write the DVD by selecting the right video file and the correct audio file.