How to clean a computer disk

Level of difficulty: Easy

For few of us, CD’s & DVD disc are a priceless collection. It is really very important to understand that the disc media is really very fragile and delicate so it is important to take extra care of the reflective surface otherwise one may damage the CD unintentionally. Like any other electronic device, CD/DVDs are important components that need to be cleaned and maintained regularly so that the CD players remain in the working order for long.

Materials Needed:
- Dry cotton cloth
- lint free cloth
- alcohol based product
Step 1
If dirt particles are there on the CD one may use the soft cloth to clean the dirt over the disc. There is proper method to hold the CD. Put the forefinger in the hole in the middle of the CD and put the thumb on the edge. Do not touch the shiny surface.
Step 2
If the DVD or CD is sticky then one may use the baby shampoo in water (lukewarm). Put small amount of this solution on the dry cotton cloth/lint free cloth and gently rub the cloth over the disc. Make sure that the CD/DVD is completely dry before it is placed in the jewelry case.
Step 3
If fingerprints marks are there on the CD/DVD surface, then one can dip the cotton cloth in Isopropyl Ethanol/ Alcohol /Methanol & gently clean the surface of the CD. Make sure not to use the petroleum based solutions (like acetone) as theses solutions can damage the surface of the CD’s. If the alcohol based solutions are not available then one may use the mineral water for cleaning the dirty surface of CD/DVD’s. It is suggested not to use the tap water as it has the higher salts concentration that may put down the marks on disc surface. Make sure, not to use the solution directly on the surface as it can corrupt the data. (Do not use the heavy soap detergent on the disc).
Step 4
Make sure to clean the surface of the CD in back and forth motion (not in the circular motions). Following the concentric motions can damage the CD surface. Nowadays, DVD polishing products are there on the market that guarantees to repair the CD/ DVD surface. The best way is to make a copy of disc whenever any scratch is found on the Disc. It is also important to go through the manufacturer’s instructions if given.