How to Hook Up a Wireless Router

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Wireless connection has now been used these days by most households and business establishments. Wireless connection allows users to connect to the Internet without being confined to a single place. This is possible through the use of wireless router. A router is a device that joins multiple wired or wireless networks together. It directs or sends information to destinations within a network. The use of a wireless router for your network is more convenient where fewer cables are required. The two most poplar types of wireless technology are 802.11b and 802.11g technology. This wireless router may also act as a basic firewall, protecting a network from various malware or virus files and securing information inside a network.

Materials Needed:
- Wireless Router
- Internet connection
- modem
- computer
- configuration information from your ISP (optional)
Step 1
Select a wireless router with regard to its purpose and available network slots or ports. If possible, select modem, router, and wireless network adapters from the same brand for compatibility.
Step 2
Make sure that an Internet connection is available. Check Internet access, settings and the connection to your modem. Consult the documentation that accompanies the modem.
Step 3
There are different methods in setting up a wireless router. Follow the instructions from the documentation accompanying the wireless router. Set the wireless router on a spot accessible for maintenance and for maximizing its range. A cable is required to connect the modem to the wireless router through a port, labeled Internet, WAN or WLAN.
Step 4
Follow the User’s Manual when configuring the wireless router. Plug the wireless router to a computer to start configuration. Use a modem cable to connect the router to the computer.
Step 5
Follow the setup instruction in the User’s Manual or installation program. Three things need to be configured: choose a wireless network name (also known as SSID), select a wireless encryption (WEP) or Wi-Fi protected Access (WPA) password for the wireless network and create an administrative password to be used when adjusting the network and router settings. Save the configurations and unplug the router from the computer.
Step 6
When the wireless router is connected and a wireless network exists, connect computers, laptops, or printers to the network and Internet. Current computers and laptops have built-in wireless network support. These will automatically detect an existing wireless network. Attach wireless network adapters to computers without built-in wireless network support. Use the documentation or a CD installer to configure the computers or laptops for wireless network and Internet.