How to clear my temporary internet files

Level of difficulty: Easy

Computers have made life simpler by enabling users to manage their files and documents in a systematic fashion. However, apart from such important documents, there are various other files that are of no importance to users. Some of these files include temporary internet files. Temporary internet files are those files that computer keeps storing while one is browsing. These files contain copies of all the web pages that one has browsed on the internet. This is irrelevant data that occupies unnecessary space in the computer. Temporary internet files need to be deleted regularly to avoid unnecessary cluttering of data. Too much of unwanted files highly affect computer’s speed and efficiency. The system slows down and faces difficulties while downloading data. Some may feel that clearing these temporary internet files is a tedious and lengthy process. However, this is not true. The entire procedure takes only few minutes to get completed.

Materials Needed:
- One would need a computer
- basic knowledge about computers and internet connection.
Step 1
Foremost step in this process requires users to open Internet Explorer and go to 'Tools' option which is present in the toolbar. In case this tab cannot be seen, users can select 'command bar' by right-clicking the toolbar.
Step 2
Users are required to click 'tools' button that can be seen in the command bar feature. After selecting 'tools' button, users can see a menu in which they need to select 'Internet Options' from various other internet tools displayed in the menu.
Step 3
Once users click 'Internet Options', it opens a menu from where they need to select 'general' tab. Under this tab users need to look for Browsing history after which they need to click 'Delete'.
Step 4
This opens up yet another menu which displays six distinct check boxes. Among these boxes, users need to opt for second and third box for deleting their temporary internet files.
Step 5
This initiates the deletion of temporary internet files. Users can see a loading bar while deleting of temporary internet files is in process which disappears once the process is complete. Users are not required to do anything with that loading bar. They should simply avoid it while the temporary internet files are being deleted.
Step 6
Users should keep repeating this process whenever they feel that lot of unnecessary data has been accumulated that needs to be get rid of as soon as possible to ensure smooth functioning of their computers.