How to back up ipod

Level of difficulty: Easy

iPods are a companion of many in their bad and good times. It can be carried wherever one goes. It would be really sad if the data stored in it suddenly disappears one day. For avoiding this, certain precautions should be taken. You need to backup your iPod. These days you can take backup of your iPod files to PC and vice versa without using iTunes. Despite giving support and working like the iTunes there are certain software which helps you to rip, copy or backup your iPod music, videos, photos and audio book to PC and the other way round. Apart from managing between your iPod and the files in computer, some software can also transfer files among several iPods. The process ensures there will be no conflict while transferring files in multiple iPods. With some new software you can manage, browse, rip, copy or backup files without any difficulty.

Materials Needed:
- software needed to carry out the access method
- hi-speed internet service
- DSL and static IP address.
Step 1
Some backup or recovery software are really easy to use. Just a single click is enough to retrieve all the files stored in your iPod. Music, ratings, playlists, playcounts can easily be backed up and transferred to your PC and vice versa. If there is computer/hard drive crash, or you are willing to backup all the files to a different drive, the software will do the job effortlessly and efficiently.
Step 2
CopyPod is one of the software which is preferred by many users. It restores music playlists and personal information. It keeps a record of the personal information for future iTunes downloads. The software also helps in conserving the playlist order. Do not worry if you took long hours to organise your playlist songs in a specific order. CopyPod promises to backup your songs to iTunes in an intact order without messing. It also takes incremental backup. It makes the backup process really fast. Incremental backup gives the opportunity to register the latest iPod changes and then transfer it into iTunes or a specific folder. This process makes sure that the music which is backed up is up-to-date and that the backed up songs which are already there are not copied once again. The software has user friendly and customizable interface. It has sorting display of Title, Album, Artist, Rating, Playlist, Size, Date added, Date modified, Play count, Last played song.
Step 3
There are various software available these days which give you efficient and easy ways of backup. Choose the one that best suits your iPod.