How to Uninstall McAfee

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Along with the growing popularity of Internet usage is the rising incidents of malware and other threat attacks in the system. To prevent this bad circumstance, users opt to install good anti-virus software. One of these is McAfee. McAfee is an anti-virus application used to identify and eliminate viruses and other types of computer programs that are unsafe to use and may harm or damage the computer system. It also protects the information in the computer from being corrupted due to virus attacks. It keeps the computer protected when browsing the Internet from viruses, worms, Trojans, and other malicious software (malware). The McAfee Anti-Virus application is effective in both detecting and removing viruses even if the Personal Computer (PC) is already infected. It can also detect and prevent virus infections due to its real time protection.

Materials Needed:
- Computer
- McAfee Removal Tool
- Internet Connection (optional)
Step 1
Close the McAfee program running before removing the application. Any running application will not be uninstalled, because active processes cannot be deleted.
Step 2
Browse the 'Start' menu. Find and select the 'Control Panel' icon.
Step 3
Click on 'Add or Remove Programs' icon. This will open the list of programs currently installed on the computer. Scroll down the menu to look for the McAfee application on the list.
Step 4
Clicking on the list item will open the selected program’s 'add/remove' options. Click the 'remove' button on the McAfee product to uninstall. The process will start and as it performs, it will also show the progress of the uninstallation.
Step 5
When the uninstall process is done, it will prompt the user to restart the computer. This is done so that the system registry may be deleted of the program entry.
Step 6
McAfee should now be uninstalled from your system after the reboot. If in case the system uninstaller was not able to remove it, proceed to step seven.
Step 7
Save the selected file to your desktop by pressing the 'Save' button. Make sure to close all McAfee programs before opening the MCPR.exe. Make sure to close all McAfee Application windows you may have open or running in the system tray, then double-click on MCPR.exe to start the McAfee removal tool. (In Windows Vista, the user will have to right-click on the file and select 'Run as Administrator')
Step 8
If McAfee is successfully removed, a message box will prompt to restart the computer. Restart the computer. This will completely uninstall McAfee from your computer.