How to clean windows

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Nowadays people want to finish up the tasks faster and therefore computer and internet has helped the people to perform faster as well as effectively. The basic of the computer is the operating system and this operating system is responsible for all sorts of data interpretation. Windows is one among the operating systems that will act as instruction to the system that has been stored in the form of encoded information. Abundant data can be stored and multiple applications are processed. While working on windows individual might have encountered many problems; slow speed and random errors are some of the listed few. Cleaning up the system will make it work better and faster.

Materials Needed:
- Knowledge of computer applications.
Step 1
One can start to clean up his or her windows by removing all unwanted files, documents, also removing the various downloaded applications that are not in use will delete all unwanted things.
Step 2
While surfing through the web there are many temporary files that get stored in the system and these are stored as temp extension files in the system deleting them would speed up as well as give a lot of free space. Press how to clean windows on start menu and then go to explore.
Step 3
Then an individual needs to select the hard disk and the search the option in all files and folders.
Step 4
Searching will give all the temporary files in the system and once they appear then an individual can select all of them and delete all in one go.
Step 5
Cookies are also taking up a cache memory and will slow the speed. Removing them is usually recommended after each surfing. They can be deleted very easily. Internet explorer is the most common browser and it’s very easy to remove cookies.
Step 6
Open the web page and then go to tools tab.
Step 7
Then it gives an option for the 'internet options' in this one needs to go to general tab.
Step 8
Under this tab there is an option of delete cookies and pressing this option will free all cookies.
Step 9
Apart from this the registry cleaning is another important aspect to make the system run faster. By using some good registry cleaning software one can get rid of the unwanted files and entries.
Step 10
Installing anti-virus and antispyware will get rid of all the virus applications that can cause the system to completely breakdown. These can be run either weekly or even on daily basis.