How to build a social network

Level of difficulty: Easy

A social network consists of a group of people, friends and acquaintances who share the same interests, careers and ideas.  When you build a strong social network, it can help you to go ahead with your interests, career and ideas.  To progress in any sort of endeavor, building a social network is a must.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
Go through your dairy and contacts your friends and acquaintances. Keeping in touch is very necessary, so the subject of conversation is not important. Call regularly and make new friends through online network that will build your network. Staying in touch will build your foundation for your next move.
Step 2
Join an internet message group or a site which shares the same interests as you. Read through the site regularly and check out for new information which may be useful for you. Share your interests with others and post messages on the board which might interest other people, you might get return information that you will require. If you want to learn more and gain more knowledge, then you can send a private message to that person.
Step 3
Have a get together at your home. Invite all your close friends, ask them to bring along another friend if they wish. Share your interests with the guests and this will enable you to exchange numbers for future use and contact.
Step 4
Go for parties and functions, you will definitely come across new faces who you haven’t met before. Introduce yourself and start a conversation and if you come across people who share your interest, then there is nothing better than that. Exchange numbers.
Step 5
Send mails to your social contact; inquire about their well being, their family and jobs, etc. Be sincere and do not forget to wish them on their birthdays, this will help you build social network.
Step 6
Join a volunteer social service organization, maybe a place where you donate blood, or get donations for the poor, and you will surely come across people from different walks of life.
Step 7
Go for conferences which share your interest, you will come across people of your kind and that will help you with ideas when you start talking to each other.
Step 8
You can start your own group. It could be tedious in the beginning but once you have put up a bulletin and advertised and spread the word around, you do not have to go looking for people, they will come looking for you. This way you can make many new contacts and several friends.
Step 9
If you are in search of a job, do not hesitate to hand over your resume to your close friends and contacts, they will be more helpful in this matter.