How to Repair Computer Fan

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

The computer relies on a small fan to provide air circulation, which helps cool the computer and its components preventing it from heating and malfunctioning or even crashing. Computer fans come in an assortment of sizes, from 60 millimeters (mm) to 120 mm and shapes but most are square shaped. Some computers may even have a number of fans depending on the computer casing or depending on the computer’s set-up like the existence of a couple of hard disks or if the a computer component like the processor is being overused. The computer fan works in three ways: by pushing cool air into the computer, by pushing out warm air from inside the computer outside, and/or working with other fans to cool a certain computer component.

Materials Needed:
- Three-in-one oil or any lightweight mechanical oil
- Small brush
- Lubricant or Grease
- Screwdriver
Step 1
Inspect the computer and check if the fan is broken. Check the fan by listening at the side of the computer and by looking if it is spinning when the computer is on. The sound of a working computer fan should be silent or should be humming softly. A clacking or loud whirring sound will indicate that your fan is broken. If the fan is silent, check if air is being blown into or out the computer. Do this by placing your hand near the fan and determining if the air is moving.
Step 2
Clean the computer fan. Shut down the computer and clean your computer fan by removing dust or dirt. Do this with a small brush. Make sure that the blades and frame are clean.
Step 3
Lubricate the computer fan. Using three-in-one oil or any lightweight mechanical oil, lightly spray along the center of the fan, being careful not to spray any other computer component. Excess oil may be wiped with a dry cloth.
Step 4
Setting aside the cleaning materials, open the computer and test the fan if it is functioning properly. If computer fan is working properly, the following steps may not be done.
Step 5
In cleaning the computer fan’s motor, shut down the computer. Make sure to remove the computer plug from the power supply. Remove the fan by unscrewing from computer and opening it to access the fan’s motor at the center where a number of bearings and bushings are located. These small metal balls are covered in lubricant. Clean the old grease and place them back in with a considerable amount of lubricant. Replace the fan back to the computer. Turn on the computer and test if the computer fan is working.
Step 6
Replace your computer fan. If the computer fan is still not working, replace it with a new one by bringing the whole computer or the fan to a service center. Just remove the old one and replace with a new one. Test again.