How to back up windows xp

Level of difficulty: Easy

Are you thinking of doing a backup of your Windows XP? The process is easy and does not take much time. However, you should be a little organized before you start the process. Get your files in order before you begin backup i.e. store the data files in one location which would be easy to find. The Backup process of Windows XP is pretty simple since it gives every user account its own personal profile. It includes a set of subfolders in the Documents and Settings folder. Your profile contains your personal files usually in the My Documents folder, Outlook Express e-mail messages, Internet Explorer Favorites and cookies as well as information about your settings and preferences. If you have stored your personal data elsewhere, make sure you move it into the My Documents folder in order to make backing up easier. If you do not want to move those files or is not being able to do so, remember where they are located so that you can add them to your backup set.

Materials Needed:
- software needed to carry out the access method
- hi-speed internet service
- DSL and static IP address.
Step 1
The backup program of Windows XP can be found by clicking on the Start button. Go to the menu items and select Programs, Accessories, System Tools and finally Backup. The software is very simple to use. All you have to do is specify where you want to store the backup file. It will help you create one single file which will be the complete backup of the system.
Step 2
As you open the program, you will notice a window which has the backup and restore wizard. Read the window and now click on the next button, and you will see two options. One is Backup files and settings and the other is Restore files and settings. Select Backup files and settings and click on the OK button, you will see list of items which you can backup. Now select the option 'All information on this computer' and click the next button.
Step 3
Where do you want to store the backup file? The Windows XP is vast. Storing them in floppy disks would be difficult as a large number of floppy disks would be required to store the backup file. You may initially store the file on your hard drive. If you want to use the backup file, place the floppy disk in your drive and turn the computer on. Provide a location for the file. The system will start replacing corrupt files with backup files.