How to buy a web cam

Level of difficulty: Easy

These are special cameras which get attached to your computer so as to facilitate video recording of someone sitting rite in front of the webcam. It also has built in microphones. It helps in video conferencing, video conversations and even in simply sending pictures over the Internet. There are a lot of big brands which manufacture webcams and offer a wide range of models with exciting features.

Materials Needed:
- To buy a webcam one just need a list of features that are desired of a webcam and the amount of money that can be spent.
Step 1
The first and foremost thing is to decide your budget. The functionality and the quality are directly proportional to the amount of money that is being spent. The price range of a webcam starts from somewhere around a few dollars and goes up to hundreds of dollars. No matter what budget you decide you will always end up spending more than it, that is how tempting buying a webcam can be, therefore it is advisable to always keep some margin in your budget.
Step 2
After you decide your budget shortlist a few features which are a must have. Different brands have different features, some have good results in dark rooms even, and some are not capable of taking still pictures and so on. Some webcams can be very easily mounted onto your laptop or desktop screen and some have very complex mechanism to mount the webcams. It is entirely your choice to select what features you want and then try locating a brand which not only has most of these features but also fits in your budget.
Step 3
It is very crucial that the brand you select should be a reputed one. Try searching over the Internet and find the brand reviews. You can also ask your friends or other known people who might have used the brand. You can also choose a brand that you have already used for some other gadget.
Step 4
It is important to choose a webcam with an apt resolution. The resolution should be decided keeping in mind the purpose of use. If you desire to take still pictures then a higher resolution is recommended. The resolution ranges from 1 mega pixel which is the lowest to around eight megapixels which has exceptional quality.
Step 5
Be very particular about the warranty. Make sure your webcam comes in along with a long warranty period. The warranty can be from one to three years.