How to create an xml file

Level of difficulty: Medium

XML means Extensible Markup Language. This program is used for transporting and storing data. XML is a language which is used with tags and this application makes it easy to transfer and store information from one applications to the other. If need arises to create XML files in PHP, then creating tags is not necessary with strings yourself. There are codes which you can use to create an XML file. It is a format which has many different applications and can be applied for various files; there are no specific reasons behind creating a new XML document. If you want to create a new XML file right from the beginning, then there are some rules that you have to follow. In some cases, what happens is that the data view is disabled of XML documents, the reason being that the SML source hasn’t been converted into structured data. If you structure your XML document this way, then you will get a message saying Although this XML document is well formed

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
it contains structure that Data view cannot display. Create your XML document by starting with XML view"
Step 2
and work along with the XML codes. Add the content and the necessary tags
Step 3
and if the document which you created can be converted into structured data
Step 4
it can be again converted to Data view. Add this Data grid to the XML file.",First
Step 5
view the Navigator and find the location of your new plug in project. "
Step 6
Click on the file 'plugin.xml' under your new project and do a right-click on PDE Tools > Now create Ant Build File.
Step 7
Under you project, a new file, 'build.xml' will be created.
Step 8
By a double click on the Navigator, then click on the build.xml file to open At editor.
Step 9
The Ant editor is the default editor for this file because it is by default the files are associating which are 'build.xml' with the Ant editor.
Step 10
This XML file is a default file and has many useful targets for using the plug ins. For building jars for plug ins, there are individual targets, also for creating a zip file which contains everything in the plug in.
Step 11
After the XML file has been built, it can be used for building a jar file for the plug in.