How to Use Torrent

Level of difficulty: Easy

By using Torrents, file sharing or downloading is easier than before. A Torrent is a specific file type utilized in peer-to-peer (P2P) network environments that make sharing and downloading files more efficient. Torrent clients are programs which accommodate P2P environments. They are used in conjunction with Torrent files. The unique transfer or download process of a Torrent file distinguishes it from other file types. When any other file type is downloaded by a user, the website server sends the normal file to the user in data packets which travel across different routes and are reconstructed on the user’s computer. The use of Torrent files makes the transfer of data faster by finding numerous and smaller parts of a file and downloading them simultaneously by using multiple computers or servers as sources. In this method, a large file is downloaded faster by the use of multiple or even dozens of sources. The torrent file itself recognizes and tracks the file parts being downloaded, the source, and the parts already downloaded.

Materials Needed:
- Computer
- Internet Connection
Step 1
Understand the basic Torrent terms. The sources that upload and share the entire file are called seeders. It is essential that at least one seeder is available when downloading a file. If no seed is currently available for a downloaded file, no download is possible. Peers are users, which are currently downloading a Torrent file and simultaneously sharing to other users the parts already downloaded. A user that downloads files is called a leecher. Every Torrent client has trackers which monitors all downloads and uploads; recognizing seeds, peers and leechers.
Step 2
It is recommended that a 1:1 ratio between seed and leecher is maintained. The more seeds available, the faster the download is completed. More leechers make the download slower. Trackers monitor user ratio. Torrent clients are designed to allocate more bandwidth to sources or users with a low download to upload ratio.
Step 3
Select, download, and install a Torrent client. Find a Torrent client by typing the words 'torrent client' on your search engine. There is a wide selection of Torrents available. Some Torrent clients maintain a specific file sharing environment like music only or video only Torrents. Most Torrent clients are used to share and download any file. These files include music, picture, video, and even program files. Choose a Torrent client, download it, and install it.
Step 4
Use Torrent-indexing sites and download your first torrent. Find Torrent-indexing sites by typing the words 'torrent index' on search engines such as Google or Yahoo. Enter the site and search for a Torrent file to download.
Step 5
Set Torrent file details. Most Torrent files have an 'open torrent' option or double-click on the Torrent. Your Torrent client will automatically download and may ask for the destination to save the Torrent. Make sure you download the correct file and size.