How to Download Videos to a Computer

Level of difficulty: Easy

If you want to make home movies or edit your stored videos, the first step is to download your videos into the computer. There are also several ways to be able to download videos from a camera to the computer, depending on the camera type and connection. It can be by i.Link cable, USB cable or by video footage in the memory card.

Materials Needed:
- Digital Camera or Camcorder
- I.Link cable
- USB cable
- memory card reader
- Video Editing Software
- computer mouse
Step 1
The first step is to buy video editing software if you wish to edit your video clips. Microsoft Windows has an included MovieMaker application. You can also evaluate your video editing needs and decide if you want to buy just a consumer program or if you want the professional kind.
Step 2
To transfer a video using an i.Link cable, connect you digital camera to the PC using the i.Link cable.
Step 3
Turn the camera on and place the settings into Playback Mode. In Microsoft Windows, a window will prompt you to click on the 'Capture Video' option using Windows Movie Maker. Click 'Ok'.
Step 4
Microsoft Windows MovieMaker will start the video capture wizard. Enter a name for the video then click on 'Next'. Accept the default setting on the Video Setting page then click 'Next' again.
Step 5
The Capture Method page will appear and then click 'Next' again. The wizard will rewind the tape then start to capture it. The wizard will automatically stop when capturing has been completed. You can click the 'Stop capture' button if you want to stop recording before it reaches the end of the tape. You can proceed to edit the clips in MovieMaker since the clips are saved into several sections.
Step 6
To download a video using an analog or USB connection, connect your digital camera using an analog video connection or USB cable. You can capture a video by opening Movie Maker by clicking 'Start' then 'Programs' then choosing Windows MovieMaker.
Step 7
On the pane for Movie Tasks, choose capture video from video device. MovieMaker will start the Video Capture wizard then click 'Next'. Follow the step as the one above for the wizard to capture the video.
Step 8
To capture video from a memory card, you have to connect your camera again using a USB cable or you can also use a memory card reader. You have to plug the device into the computer and insert your memory card into the reader.
Step 9
Once connected, Windows will detect the connection and will ask what you would like to do with the videos. You can click on 'Open folder' to view files then select 'Ok'.
Step 10
Windows Explorer will open and show the videos in the memory card. Select the videos you wish to copy then click 'Copy to Folder' in the 'Edit' menu.
Step 11
The Copy items dialog box will appear. Look for the My Videos folder under My Documents then click 'Copy'. Once videos are copied in the folder, you can rename the files.