How to change boot screen

Level of difficulty: EASY

At the time of system booting up, it is the boot screen that appears with the computer being turned on. Well, selecting the boot screen is one of those factors that reflect our tastes and preferences. Suppose, the user accidentally replaces the boot screen while making an attempt to repair the start up menu items and ultimately ends up with something which is completely boring. So what if there is a sudden change- we have the means of getting rid of this problem. Changing a boot screen is not that big a problem as it sounds. Infact, changing boot screen takes only a few minutes and is relatively easy than other changing tasks. There are many applications that make changing the boot screen far more easy. They have their own compilation of boot images and on selecting a new image from those softwares, it automatically overrides the default one.

Materials Needed:
- applications for changing the boot screen.
Step 1
The first thing to be done is turning off the boot screen that will provide a complete black screen while computer boots up. For this, we just need to go for system configuration and opt for 'boot' tab.
Step 2
One thing needs to be made sure that there is no GUI boot.
Step 3
Then the application for changing the boot screen needs to be downloaded and saved under the folder 'Wincustomize'.
Step 4
On opening the application, several varieties of screen appears before us.
Step 5
With the preview option available, select the screen that suits you the best and apply it to make it your final selection.
Step 7
The new boot screen automatically replaces the old one. The next time the computer gets rebooted, the new boot screen will appear during start up.
Step 8
The boot screen is one of those components of the computer system that can be changed to suit our personal tastes. We always get bored with the same thing before our eyes day after day. In this situation, changing the boot screen is like something fresh and soothes the eyes. It can even be used as a tag of our style statement. The boot screen can be altered in many ways- by replacing the graphic with a new image or completely do away with the boot screen. The proper color texture along with attractive images provides the system the much needed new look in the blink of an eye. So, what are you waiting for- go for it.