How to clear my web history

Level of difficulty: Easy

History is one word that most of the people are aware about but when it comes to the word internet history then people who are new to web are not much aware. Internet history is a kind of storage of all the websites that an individual has visited. This web history adds to the cache of the system and occupies a lot of space. A regular clean up is must so as to avoid the speed and other error related issues. The major reason that this history clearing is recommended is for the fact that whenever people are using net at public places like the cyber cafes then there is a risk of identity theft as some systems can save passwords as well and this can cost really heavily. Deleting web history can be done on alternative days or can be done immediately after surfing.

Materials Needed:
- Knowledge of basics of internet.
Step 1
The oldest web browser that is still prevalent is the internet explorer and like any other web browser it too stores useless history. To delete history one needs to open the web page and then go to tools menu.
Step 2
Tools menu in turn will open a drop down bar that have many options. Here an individual needs to locate 'internet options'.
Step 3
After opening the internet options go to the general tab and press on the delete history option. This will clear the entire history of websites that have been visited.
Step 4
By altering the number of days in the same tab this web browser will allow the users to customize on how long the history can be stored and then deleted automatically from the system.
Step 5
In the internet explorer 8 version one needs to go to the safety menu on the toolbar.
Step 6
Pressing on this option will give a choice to remove the browsing history on exit. This will automatically delete the website histories as soon the users end up using internet.
Step 7
Apart from history the same tab has the options to delete files and cookies. These are also adding and unnecessary clutter to the computer and slowing the speed. Deleting them is also recommended.
Step 8
Another most frequently used browser is the Mozilla Firefox. This one also easily removes history. One needs to go to 'tools' and press on 'clear recent history'. There is another alternative to clear history automatically. Pressing on the option 'clear history when Firefox closes' will delete it automatically.