How to clean up hard drive

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

The hard disk is one of the most important components of a computer system. This is a device where all the information and data are stored for the use of computer in an encoded form. It is a storage memory of the apparatus and therefore needs to be handled with care. An efficient maintenance of this drive will not only increase the system speed but would also increase the free storage space. A regular clean up will also ensure that the computer is free from viruses and spywares. The cleaning of a hard disk does not require much skill only some basic knowledge will make the system work fast.

Materials Needed:
- Basic knowledge of hard disk drive and defragmentation.
Step 1
The beginning step to clean a hard disk is to have a back up of all the files, folders, applications, software and any other data that is useful because once the hard disk is cleaned, deleted data can not be recovered.
Step 2
The other easy step to clean a hard disk is to remove the programs that are not useful as this is just increasing the system load and thus slowing it down.
Step 3
To perform the disk checking with some software one can run some free anti-virus program. This will erase all the viruses that are posing a threat to the information.
Step 4
An individual can choose to work with AVG free. This is free software that would eliminate the viruses and spywares from the system. This antivirus program usually scans whole of the system within 24 hours. While running this system an individual needs to keep in mind that the virus definition of the system is updated one.
Step 5
Another great way to clean a hard disk is to remove the useless applications and programs. Select the start menu and then press on the 'control panel' option.
Step 6
Then go to 'add or remove programs' chose the applications that are just a clutter and press delete from the key board. It will give a good amount of free space.
Step 7
Disk cleanup is the most important thing to do and must be followed once in each month. Click on the computer icon on desktop.
Step 8
Then right click on the hard disk drive. Go the properties of hard disk.
Step 9
Select the option of 'disk cleanup'. This will scan whole of the hard drive for viruses and other errors.
Step 10
Once the disk scan is complete press on ok to erase the unwanted files and other errors.