How to clean a dvd player

Level of difficulty: EASY

The digital video disc, known as the DVD is the latest digital medium for data and audiovisual. With the era of VCR coming to a close, the DVD era is taking a big leap towards its solid entrenchment. A DVD player is the latest and dramatic change that one can make to their home entertainment system. The DVD player looks almost the same like an audio CD player and provides high quality audio and video. The DVD has Dolby digital soundtracks, thus ensuring high quality surround sound. Plus, DVD has high storage capacity of nearly five GB, thereby making it suitable to store the movies of our choice. So, with the random introduction of DVD, DVD player is a must for the household. But, does our job ends there only- of course not. After buying the DVD player with our hard earned money, we also have to look after its proper maintenance. Regarding maintenance, the first thing that comes in our mind is proper cleaning of the player. With regular use, the DVD player loses its power of smooth functioning. In that case, cleaning of the DVD player is a must to regain its longevity and durability. There are two methods for cleaning up the player- manually or by cleaning CD. Manually cleaning can be a bit tedious but ensures thorough cleaning.

Materials Needed:
- oil
- cleaning solution.
Step 1
The first thing to do is remove the cover of the DVD player by dislodging the screws.
Step 2
The internal setting of the DVD player becomes visible and starts cleaning the dust with a dry and clear cloth.
Step 3
After completing the inner cleaning, now apply some cleaning solution on the cotton swab and clean up the laser and the rails it rides on along with the small belts. This cleaning process has to be done very carefully since these solutions can cause damage to the inner circuits thereby paralysing the DVD player.
Step 4
After the components being wiped properly, allow them to dry completely and in the meantime you can apply some oil on the rails and laser rises for a sound free running of the DVD player.
Step 5
After doing all this, refix it and you get an almost new DVD player at your service.
Step 6
For cleaning CD, it is relatively easy but the cleaning will be moderate. Just put the cleaning disc in and it will start the cleaning process and after bit of a thorough cleaning you just need to do only one thing- watch a movie with improved picture quality and surround sound. DVD movies look clear and have awesome clear image and absorbing surround sound. So just take timely maintenance of your DVD player and have a maximum realistic viewing experience at your home.