How to change text color in html

Level of difficulty: Easy

Html is used to design simple text pages, so adding color can make the pages look special and out of the ordinary. You can draw attention to your page by changing or highlighting some text with different colors, this will make your text stand out. It is an easy process which will just take a few minutes and transform your page from the same black and white to a colorful one

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
Every color has a separate code assigned to it, and only by using the code you can assign a color to your text. Add the 'text' tag inside the body tag, and then the color code.
Step 2
For example, if you want the text in blue, then the color code for blue is or . If you do not want blue, then you can change it in this method by using another color code of your choice.
Step 3
Suppose you want to change a selected part of the text matter, then all you do is to select the text or the words which color you want to change, and go to properties to modify it.
Step 4
There will be a number of tools from the toolbox which will enable you to change the text color. Use the list of color codes that you want and if you work regularly changing color text in html, then it is a better option for you to get the color code chart and memorize the codes that will enable you to work in a better fashion.
Step 5
Another point to remember is that changing color code in your text doesn’t mean that you have to make your page look multi colored; sometimes a simple color layout looks best.
Step 6
Practice makes one perfect, so with time and working with html, you will be able to turn out attractive text pages.