How to buy a pc

Level of difficulty: Easy

A pc is such a thing which is found in almost every house. Every one desires to own one pc. Despite the fact that the pc has become such a popular household item, most of the people are still not well aware of how to buy a pc. Most of us do not know what all has to be considered before buying a pc. Either people take along some expert while purchasing the pc or end up spending more than required for not so useful features of the pc.

Materials Needed:
- One should have good knowledge of the working of a computer and also of the various hardware and software components of the computer. There are a lot of technical specifications that are to be kept in mind while purchasing a pc.
Step 1
The first thing to be considered is the budget and then the usage. If a computer is being bought simply for the purpose of checking mails and for little bit of entertainment then even a simpler model will do. If the pc will be used for running online business from home then a slightly advanced version of computer will be required. Budget is something that also must be pre decided and should not be exceeded as there are no limits to the amount which can be spend on a pc.
Step 2
Next thing that should be considered is hard disk and RAM. The hard disk will determine the space the pc will have for storing the data which can include pictures, songs, movies, different software and other such things. The RAM of the computer will affect the speed of the processor. For an efficiently running computer it is necessary to have a good amount of RAM.
Step 3
Another important step is to take care of the hardware components. This will also include choosing the correct shape and size of the monitor. Similarly the keyboard, mouse, speakers also should be selected according to the space constraints and the comfort level of use. Also prefer to buy a CPU with add on facility so that one can add latest technology features in the future rather than replacing the whole system.
Step 4
It is also very important to buy an anti-virus and anti-spyware applications for the computer especially if the computer will be used for surfing Internet. These application software are available for free for trial basis, so one can use different software, choose the best one and then purchase it. Also be very careful about the guarantee and warranty documents for all the components.