How to Text Message a Phone from the Computer

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Being equipped with computer and Internet has many benefits. One may obtain several conversations for free. National and international calls may even be cheaper than making mobile to mobile calls.

Materials Needed:
- Instant Messaging Program
- Computer
- Internet
- Browser
- Disk space
Step 1
Download an Instant Messaging Program. This program allows a user to communicate with other users, in many forms. Instant Messaging programs include AOL, MSN, YM, Chikka and others. For Yahoo messaging, download the messenger from yahoo web site.
Step 2
Install the IM program. When the program has fully downloaded, install it by double clicking on its Set-up. The Program should automatically install the program to the computer. Some programs require the user to fill up some forms during installation, so notice the process while installing. Some IM programs require support applications, like JAVA. These applications are used by the program to work well. The support program usually comes with the installation of the IM program. In cases where the support program is not automatically downloaded, the user will be notified which program is needed.
Step 3
Run the program. As soon as the program has been installed, it is ready to use. The user can make calls, view webcams, share photos, send private messages, send text messages, send files and join conferences or chat rooms and more. Configure the microphone and speaker settings so the IM can be used for calls, but this is optional.
Step 4
Send an Instant Message. On Yahoo Messenger, click on the Actions tab; choose 'Send Instant Message', choose the person in 'My Contacts' that you want to message or type in the mobile number on 'Other Contacts' tab of the person you want to send a text to. This usually requires mobile number with country code. Click on Okay, and then type your message. Click Send after you have composed your message. Maximizing the characters for one message is a good idea.
Step 5
Wait for confirmation. For most instant messaging programs, the user is informed if the message has been sent or if an error had occurred. For some instant Messaging programs, the numbers of characters are very limited and for other programs the number of messages allowed a day is also limited. Note that other instant messaging programs require registration, for free. Replying to messages sent through IM programs may have charges.