How to change a router password

Level of difficulty: Difficult

Network security has become essential and important to put a check on the incoming internet connection. People can access the sensitive data and hardware used in the networking. One way to protect ones network hardware is to change the router password. The router password should be unique and private, which cannot be hacked easily. With the increase in Cyber Crime it is important to keep in changing the router password frequently.

Materials Needed:
- One has to be the knowledge of Router Address
- Router current Login and Router current password. Only authenticated user can change the password of the Router as it is a very vital component in internet security.
Step 1
Type the address of the router in the URL address bar by opening the internet browser. The address is in the form like; 192.168.X.X. Every router has its unique address with the last digits different from the other routers. This is the local address of a router.
Step 2
Enter the valid username and password to open the router setting utility.
Step 3
Before changing the old password one must have the knowledge of the current password being used by the router. Keep on filling the required fields until you reach the screen that will let one to change the current password.
Step 4
The screen that allows one to change the password will ask for the current password used and may ask for retyping the existing password and then asking for the new password.
Step 5
The new password one is setting must be a good strong password to avoid hackers from hacking it. A good password should contain more than 8 characters and should use lowercase, uppercase and numerical words. Some password forms allow use of special character. One must avoid having password with his date of birth, or any significant date or name of his own.
Step 6
One can also look out for some additional settings on the settings page to help any illegal hacking of the data or password. Several firewalls can be set up to avoid access by any other user.
Step 7
After setting the new password immediately notes it down in some secure location so that one can find it, in any case he forgets it.
Step 8
Log off the router after confirming the newly set password. To check it out log off from the browser and again log in with the new password to check whether the new password has been saved properly or not. If one is able to login this indicates that new password has been set else he will have to check it out again.