How to Open MOV File

Level of difficulty: Easy

The MOV file is a QuickTime file format which is a multimedia container file. It can contain several tracks that store audio and video. It can also contain text and effects. Each track of the MOV file can contain digitally-encoded media stream. It can also be the data reference of the media stream which is located in another file.

Materials Needed:
- Computer
- third party software like Apple QuickTime player
- Roxio Easy Media Creator or CyberLink PowerDirector
- other video converter
- MOV file
Step 1
To open the MOV file, you must install a third party program that can view the file into the computer. Proceed to step six if you do not have a third party program that can open your MOV file.
Step 2
You can open your MOV file by using a third party program like Apple QuickTime Player. The MOV file is an application for QuickTime so there is no trouble in playing it. Just double click on the MOV file and it will start to play. You can also play the file by clicking the 'File' option on the upper left corner of the QuickTime player. After you click the file option, the next step you will do is click the 'Open File' option. Then, find the MOV file that you want to play and click 'Open', the file will load and play.
Step 3
Roxio Easy Media Creator is also a third party program that you can use. Install the program and while installing the program, it will ask what types of file format you want to be associated with the application. Make sure that you select the MOV file format so the file will play. After installing the program, open the MOV file by clicking the 'File' option and 'Open File' option. Select the MOV file that you want to use then press 'Open'.
Step 4
You can also use the CyberLink PowerDirector program to open the MOV file. Just follow the installation instruction and make sure that the MOV format is associated with the player. Double click the MOV file and it will play or drag and drop the file on the window of the player.
Step 5
You can also use a codec that can play the MOV file. Install the codec and then select all the files it can support so it will be installed to your computer. When the installation is complete, you can open the video codec and play your MOV file. With the video codec, you can play your MOV file or any other multimedia file format. It can play most of the video file formats that other software cannot.
Step 6
You can use a converter if you don’t have any third party software that you can use to view your MOV file.