How to clear cache in internet explorer

Level of difficulty: Easy

A record of the items that can be downloaded from the Web, including images, sounds, Web pages, even cookies are stored in the Temporary Internet Files folder. A folder is then made, and this Temporary Internet File folder is known as Cache. Some data present in the Cache are valuable for the computer whereas some congest the system and contain virus. Sometimes Caches make Web surfing easy and they need to be regularly cleaned to increase the memory of the computer because they take up a lot of memory space in the computer. This makes the computer slow and unnecessary data and files pile up. Then why keep it when it is of no use. It is better to clear it in order to make space and speed up the system. There are ways in which to clear cache in internet explorer. This is how you clean it:

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
Open an Internet Explorer, and click on 'Tools' menu. There you will find an option called 'Internet Options'.
Step 2
The options menu opens, and you will see a tab known as 'General'.
Step 3
In the 'General' tab, you will find a section that is called 'Temporary Internet Files'.
Step 4
Then click on the 'Delete' button that you will find in that Section. This method allows you to delete the temporary internet files from the cache.
Step 5
2nd method, click on 'Start' button from your desktop.
Step 6
Click on 'Run' option that is present there.
Step 7
Type '%temp%' and hit 'Run' button.
Step 8
A drop down menu with a box will appear with various internet items.
Step 9
One by one delete all of them and your cache will be clear.