How to Make a Computer Game

Level of difficulty: Difficult

Making a computer game is interesting. This article helps people who do not have any idea or do not know anything about game developing. This article teaches something about learning, creating, and being involved in making games. Creating game takes a lot of skill and time. The steps here will give information about how to create a computer game.

Materials Needed:
- Computer
- Active Internet connection
Step 1
Connect to the Internet and open an Internet browser, go to the address bar, and type When the site loads, click on 'Make' and click on 'GameMaker'. Download the GameMaker program by clicking the 'GameMaker' icon. GameMaker can also be downloaded on or After downloading the GameMaker program, install it on the computer then launch the GameMaker program.
Step 2
Assigning and remembering folders is important in making a computer game. The 'Sprites' folder contains sprites which are characters, objects or things that will move in the game. The 'Sounds' folder contains the sounds, noise, or music that will be applied in the game. The 'Background' folder includes the backgrounds used in the game. The 'Objects' folder works with sprites that allow movement of other sprites and apply reactions to other sprites. The 'Room' folder contains file that are basically maps.
Step 3
Go to Sprite folder, right click the folder and create a sprite, and load a selected picture. Pictures can be resized by clicking the 'transform' button to edit your sprite. In the sound folder, create a sound that can be uploaded. Use any sound found in the computer. Upload an .mp3, .wmv, or .wav file. Select an image to be used as the background of the game.
Step 4
Create an object by right-clicking the object folder and creating an object. Choose the sprite that was created. At the bottom of the screen, the 'Add Event' option is available; click it to make this character move. Click the key 'Press' and edit the movements of the character at the right of the screen. Repeat the steps to complete the movements of the character sprite.
Step 5
On the Room folder, take note the room properties form, click on the backgrounds tab, click under the foreground image, then upload the background selected and uploaded before. Go to 'objects' tab. The objects were created will be visible. Add the objects to be included in the game.
Step 6
Before testing the game, make sure that the game is saved. Select and click the 'file' tab then choose 'Save as'. Rename the game then save it. Test the game by clicking the green arrow on the toolbar. To modify the game that was just created, repeat some of the steps above.