How to clear internet history

Level of difficulty: Easy

The internet is described as the interconnectivity among various networks present all over the world. It is a public network and is like an umbrella covering countless networks and services. It provides interesting services like Email, file retrieval and other internet tools. A new service or software can be easily downloaded within a few minutes. Also, because of internet we have electronic commerce that endeavors to improve the execution of business transactions over various networks. These improvements results in more effective performance, greater economic efficiency and more rapid exchange. An user surfs hundreds of web sites in a day and with every visit of a site, the details about the site visit gets stored. It is the internet history that contains a list of recently visited websites within a few day’s time. They are generally made for a convenient use of the computer, but you also have the other side of the coin. You can be on the verge of disruption of your private information. But there is a very suitable solution available in our hand- clearing the internet history. There are two ways for dealing with the computer history- the first one being manually while the second one is to use special programs for privacy protection. It does not need too much expertise to erase computer history. Just a few clicks in the web browser are enough for clearing the history. Speaking of manually cleaning, it is a bit tedious and sometimes, it becomes impossible to clear certain history manually.

Materials Needed:
- internet history software.
Step 1
From the internet options in tools menu, move to the browsing history section where you have to select the delete button.
Step 2
It will start visualizing and within few minutes your history box is clear. STEP
Step 3
Regarding the second method, the internet history software is used for extra security and protection and will manage all the internet files. Be it a cookie or a corrupt file, you just do not need to give a damn about that. They will clear out all the traces for you and the most important thing is that you can avail them with taking proper care for your wallet.
Step 4
Every time we search for a term in the search engine, a copy of that term gets saved in the hard disk of our computer and shows it later during an attempt while searching a similar term. So, if we desire not to display them for everyone, clear the internet search history.