How to clean computer dvds

Level of difficulty: Easy

The external storing devices are more advanced now. They are designed to store large data and information. CD’S and DVD’s are two different yet similar kind of optical storage devices. A DVD has been fabricated to store large data approximately 5 to 6 times more than a CD. When such devices are useful is storing mass information so don’t they require careful management. Such devices are not only helping people to store data but are also making it convenient for them to transfer. Maintaining a DVD is not a very tedious job but requires only few efforts.

Materials Needed:
- Soft cloth and unidirectional cleaning
Step 1
Cleaning of a DVD is very easy and one needs to free them off the dust particles and minute scratches.
Step 2
It is always suggested to use a soft cloth or lint free fabric. All such materials are good absorbents of dust.
Step 3
While cleaning an individual must never rub the surface in a circular motion as this will destroy the surface and the film.
Step 4
Cleaning in a straight direction and that too from the center of the DVD to the edge is recommended as the best way of cleaning.
Step 5
Apart from using the lint free cloth an individual can also opt for the microfiber fabrics. These are good dust absorbents of dust due to the fact that they have a tight weave that will absorb the dirt efficiently and this also keeps the surface smooth and lowers the risk of scratches.
Step 6
People can also clean the surface with the help of glass cleaner solutions. In case of cleaning with any solution it is usually advised to spray it on the cloth rather than spraying on the DVD surface.
Step 7
To remove the oily dirt and fingerprints one can even think of cleaning them with a bit strong solution like a one to one ratio solution of alcohol and water will be a great to remove some strong dirty particles off the DVD.
Step 8
Rubbing an alcohol is considered great idea as it evaporates quickly and leaving the surface dry faster.
Step 9
Though the surface of the DVD is extremely sensitive yet one can opt to clean them with mild abrasive substances like toothpaste. This will keep it safe against the scratches. Rub them and then wiping it off with water will help better.
Step 10
Unlike the CD’s the surface of the DVD should never be cleaned in a radial motion. They are always to be cleaned in straight lines from center towards the edge.